Some recent projects I have worked on, with code.


  1. ethome: a post-posetracking analysis package for machine learning of animal behavior (pypi, github)
  2. Analysis of neuronal spike trains, deconstructed: a comprehensive tutorial on common neural encoding methods (the GLM, spike-triggered average, spike-triggered covariance and others) with multiple datasets. (github)
  3. ROI-decoder: a streamlit app that computes a coarse estimate of stimuli tuning for calcium imaging data. Can be used in a semi-online fashion, during recording sessions to find responsive areas to to record further from (github)
  4. A non-linear waves, reaction-diffusion model of cholinergic retinal waves. (github)

Machine learning

  1. TensorFlow code for meta-reinforcement learning algorithms for solving causal learning tasks (github)
  2. Simple total-variation image segmentation (github)


  1. A Flask-based flight tracking web app (github), and a Flask-Ask based Alexa skill that uses local ADSB-receiver data so you can ask your Echo what planes are nearby. (github)
  2. A Three.js-based model solar system to explore the equation of time and the analemma. (live demo)