I am a data scientst in the Department of Developmental Neurobiology at the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I have a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington.


I am an applied mathematician and computational scientist with an interest in theoretical neuroscience and artificial intelligence. I use insights from causal inference to provide better tools and models in both of these areas. This involves building models of how we may do causal learning, with spiking networks in particular, and combining methods from causal inference with machine learning to provide more efficient learning algorithms. I believe that this work, in combination with developments in deep learning, will lead to more human-like learning systems. Thus my work involves a combination of statistics, computational modelling, systems neuroscience and tools from deep learning.


I completed my PhD at the University of Washington in Seattle, under the supervision of Adrienne Fairhall. I have spent most of my life in or around Melbourne, Australia, completing a BSc with honours, majoring in mathematics, at the University of Melbourne. My interests then were in bioinformatics, which lead me to work as a research technician and then complete a Master’s of Philosophy joint between the University of Melbourne and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI). When I’m not researching I enjoy touring the country by bike (see some photos).

I’ve moved my blog-like expository notes and such on mathematics and physics to a separate site: Expositions. An outlet for my interest in physics and mathematics topics not directly related to my research.