Code related to projects I have been involved in.

  1. Multi-agent behavior challenge – classifying mouse behavior (run on AICrowd, here; I was awarded third place) github
  2. Meta-reinforcement learning algorithms for solving causal learning tasks github
  3. Implementations of common linear contextual bandit algorithms github
  4. Leaky integrate and fire (LIF) network that learns using causal inference (regression discontinuity design). github
  5. Simple total variation image segmentation implemention github
  6. Generalized linear model (GLM) estimation and spike-train analysis, related to dual-control brain-computer interfaces. github
  7. Neuroinformatics primer: Demonstration of GLM, STA, STC, and other methods on common datasets. github
  8. Connectivity inference tools: Implements simple connectivity inference methods for GLM spike train analysis github
  9. Simulation of reaction-diffusion model of cholinergic retinal waves. github